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Across Australia designers are designing homes to meet LHA benchmarks. LHA have made it simpler for these homes to be recognised, and the best way to do this is to minimise costs and empower qualified professionals such as designers to design to the quality mark

All Australians benefit from homes designed with comfort, safety and ease of access as core design features and asking the clinet if they want a livable home provides benefits for all users..

These features make the home easier for parents to manoeuvre prams, easier to carry the shopping into the house, easier for people with disability or temporary injury to get around and easier to move furniture.

These same features enable key living spaces to be more easily and cost effectively adapted to meet the changing needs and abilities of home occupants such as ageing baby boomers and people who have or acquire disability.



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Longevity Group Australia - New LHA Corporate Partner

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19 Oct 2017

LHA welcomes Longevity Group Australia as a Corporate Supporter

Livable Housing Australia welcomes Longevity Group Australia to the Corporate Supporter ranks



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